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Bar Council Pupillage Fair & ‘Life at the Bar’ seminars

The Bar Council’s Pupillage Fair is run in tandem with the Inns and gives attendees the chance to:

  • Get advice on CVs and applications
  • Find out more about funding and support
  • Hear from practising barristers on their experience at the Bar
  • Discuss prospects with representatives from a wide range of pupillage providers

In the week leading up to this event the Bar Council will also be hosting Life at the Bar webinars from Tuesday 10 – Thursday 12 October. You will be able to hear what life is like as a barrister working in different areas of practice and find out about joining the Bar as a career changer or an applicant with a disability. Here’s a breakdown of the content.

Tuesday 10 October (online only)

16:00 Funding and support from the Inns of Court

17:15 Life at the chancery and commercial Bar

18:00 Life at the family law Bar

Wednesday 11 October (online only)

16:30 Life at the employed Bar

17:15 Bar as a second career

18:00 Life at the criminal Bar

Thursday 12 October (online only)

16:30 Making the most of your Pupillage Gateway application

17:15 Applicants with a disability

18:00 Life as a civil law barrister

Saturday 14 October (In-person at 133 Houndsditch, London)

10:00-15:00 Exhibition

10:00-15:00 CV and Application Clinic

11:00-14:45 Seminar Programme

11:00 Funding and support from the Inns of Court

12:30 CV building, pupillage and how to get it

14:00 CV building, pupillage and how to get it

Go over to Eventbrite to secure your free ticket to one (or all) of these events.

There is also a virtual event run by Legal Cheek on 7th October: Legal Cheek Virtual Pupillage Fair. You need to apply to attend, find out more via their website.

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