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Thinking of other options career-wise? Marlon Gray

Whether you are planning on becoming a Barrister or a Solicitor there is no harm in considering a secondary career option or a short-term option while you are waiting for your Pupillage or Training Contract to commence. In other words a Plan B. This is a particularly useful approach when in a time of post recession when the job market in both these areas is super competitive where you other candidates may have stronger experience. As part of your Plan B strategy you may consider careers outside of Barrister or a Solicitor or in the legal or non-legal area. Many graduate employers (non-legal) realise the sense and worth of a law degree and actively encourage students from this discipline to apply. Law graduates are known by employers to have a highly desirable distinctive skills set (e.g. research and analytical skills).

You can book in time with a Careers Consultant at the Centre For Career & Skills Development to discuss your Plan B or your primary career goal (Tel: 0207 040 8093). On the 24th of March a Law Career Seminar will be run on Alternative Careers with a Law qualification. This could be an initial start to generating that Plan B strategy. Click for details.

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