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Human Rights Lawyers Association bursaries

Are you finding it impossible to get experience in human rights because you can’t afford to work for free? To assist people in this position, in 2006 the HRLA established a bursary scheme to assist law students, either those currently studying (either undergraduate degree, postgraduate studies or LPC/BVC/Law Conversion Course) or those who have recently graduated, in undertaking such work.

Each year the HRLA will provide around 5 awards from a maximum annual bursary fund of £6,000, provided there are suitable applicants. A single award will not normally total more than £1,000. The bursary money is to be used to enable the successful applicants to undertake work related to human rights law that he or she would otherwise be unable to afford to do. That work need not take place in the United Kingdom, but it must be relevant to human rights law in the United Kingdom.

Find out more on the HRLA website, closing date is 2nd May.

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