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Become a student representative for Amicus

Who are Amicus?

Amicus was founded to fight for those in the US facing a death sentence, who are, for the sake of economy, history, and race, the most vulnerable in society. They are a due process, fair trials organisation and believe the greatest impact they can, and do, have is through frontline work both on the ground and remotely. They provide assistance on capital cases remotely through pro bono volunteers from their affiliate international law firms and clinics. They train and place lawyers and postgraduate students to work directly and remotely in capital defense offices across the US.

How can you get involved?

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the organisation. You can become a student representative, you can do death penalty training or look to get a place on one of their UK or US volunteer placement programmes.

Student groups provide a platform for students to become closely involved with Amicus. Student groups raise funds for the organisation, increase awareness about the use of capital punishment in the US and inspire participation in our US Death Penalty Training and placement programmes.

A Student Representative is the point of contact between a student group and Amicus. Amicus recruits student representatives every year. In the last academic year they had 25 reps at 17 universities. All Student Reps work incredibly hard to spread awareness and raise funds for the Amicus cause. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating activities and events.
  • Leading fundraising initiatives.
  • Promoting awareness campaigns.
  • Encouraging participation in AMICUS programmes.

Note you need to be an Amicus member to apply (£18 per year). Deadline for applying to be a Student Rep is Friday 16th August 2024access the form via their website.

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