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City Women in Law Society – in the running for the Legal Leaders Award – give them your support!

We’re delighted to announce that City’s Women in Law Society are among the 4 finalists up for the Legal Leaders Award by Bright Network. This is part of the NextGen Awards 2023 where there are a variety of categories. There is one student winner and one society winner in each category.

A win would mean valuable sponsorship for the society from Reed Smith, which of course would then be ploughed back into the society. The winners of each category then go into the running for the biggest award, the Society of the Year 2023! They need your help though…please do support them. You have until 15th November to cast your vote!

Excitingly, casting your vote won’t just give you the warm glow that comes with helping someone, it will also put you in the running for a variety of prizes. You need to be a Bright Network member – student or graduate (membership is completely free).

You can see their entry video below.

The best way to see the great work the society has been doing over the past couple of years, is by delving into their Instagram account. Good luck to all at the Women in Law Society! We’re all rooting for you.

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