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How to complete your Gateway application forms: Panel Event

Reserved for Georgina, Gary, Morayo, Michael and Paul!

Soon to be filled!

The Pupillage Advisory Service will be running their annual panel event on Wednesday 18th March 2015.

Georgina Wolfe (5 Essex Court and author of ‘path to pupillage’) has been asked to talk about how to answer the ‘why barrister’ ‘why you?‘ etc questions on the form (content) and what they will be looking for in a pupil.

Gary Lidington (11 Stone Buildings ) will be talking about technique (how to complete the form) and what they are looking for in a Pupil

Morayo Fagborun Bennett (Harwicke) will be speaking about how to demonstrate commercial awareness on the form specifically; (ability to relate to lay and professional clients, ability to attract and retain work, ambition to build a successful practice and business, understanding the need to work in a team with the solicitor and lay client)

Michael Edmonds from 9 Bedford Row will be talking about what they are looking for in a Criminal Set and how to ensure that applicants demonstrate to Criminal Sets the current issues around Crime and Criminal Practice.

Paul Skinner from Henderson Chambers will talk to you about how to tailor your form to Common Law sets and what they are looking for in a Pupil.

A Question and Answer session and drinks reception will follow….

Sign up via Eventbrite.

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