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Settling into your life in law? – Emily Allbon

Hey everyone! Credit: Our Hero

Welcome to City!

You’ll probably still be feeling a mix of excitement and fear at this stage but just remember that’s the same story for everyone sitting alongside you in the lecture theatre.

Best way to put your mind at rest is to hear from others who have been through what you’re about to start…that’s where the blog, Future Lawyer, comes in. It’s THE place to come to read posts on anything law-careers related, to watch/listen to interviews with our alumni and to read up on news and events.

Lawbore has lots to keep you going – keep informed on what legal events are going on around London on City Hub, find guidance on everything from legal writing to mooting on Learnmore and loads of recommendations of what to read via the Directory.The Newbies section in Learnmore is a useful place to start if this is your first time at University.

To get you started here are a couple of recommendations featuring our alumni:

Welcome to the GDL – Laurie Wilks
Working through the GDL – Greg Callus

Saad was on our LLB programme, graduating in 2011.

Jonathan Evans was on the GDL at City in 2009-2010.

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