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Academic Impact Awards: nomimate staff & students who have made a difference

The Academic Impact Awards are your opportunity to recognise and reward your fellow students and the members of staff that have helped shape your University academic experience, through their representation, teaching, support and many other ways!

In terms of staff awards..think about:

Who has inspired you? Or got you excited about a subject?

Who has given you lots of advice in relation to your academic work or career path?

Who has supported you at a time when you really needed it?

In terms of student awards..think about:

Who has given their all to representing your cohort?

Who has made a difference to the student experience?

Who has been amazing at reporting back and keeping you informed on their activities on your behalf?

Who has strengthened the sense of community on your course?

These are the different categories you can nominate for Student Awards:

  • Programme Representative of the Year (1 per school)
  • Assembly Member of the Year (1 per school)
  • Best Representation and Feedback
  • Academic Community Impact

Here are the categories for Staff Awards:

  • Teaching Excellence (1 per school)
  • Outstanding Support (Professional Services and Non-Teaching Staff)
  • PGR Supervisor of the Year
  • Assessment and Feedback Champion
  • Student Voice and Partnership Champion
  • Inclusive Education Award

Look at the Awards pages to see a full breakdown of these categories and get further inspiration.

Deadline for nominations is 29th February 2024. So get your nominations in!

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