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Women at the Commercial Bar with Keating Chambers

Just when you think December is going to be all about winding down for the holidays, another event pops up that you absolutely cannot miss!

Keating Chambers is hosting the Women at the Commercial Bar event on Thursday 14 December 2023. This in-person event offers a unique opportunity for you to gain insights from Mrs Justice O’Farrell DBE, a distinguished Judge in Charge of the TCC, and female barristers at different career stages from Keating Chambers. Their valuable experiences will provide you with a deeper understanding of the paths taken by women in the Commercial Bar.

After the insightful talks, there is a networking session with several Keating barristers. Although the event is labelled as “Women at the Commercial Bar,” Keating extend a warm welcome to students of all genders, or none, at any stage of legal study who aspire to pursue a career in the Commercial Bar.

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