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What can Lawbore do for me?

You should get a chance to hear an Introduction to Lawbore from Emily Allbon, as part of your induction at City but if not, there is a slideshow you can watch on Vimeo instead. She outlines the key aspects of Lawbore so that you know where to find out information about where to:

  • Find useful resources for your study
  • Track down skills tutorials
  • Keep on top of events happening
  • Get access to legal databases and other e-resources
  • Find out what your peers are getting up to
  • Be updated on the legal news
  • Be alerted about opportunities (jobs, internships, volunteering)
  • Enter competitions
  • Read practitioner interviewers and event reviews

There’s also a quick insight into the TL;DR resource and also a heads-up on the opportunities for you to get involved in the site, working as a Lawbore journalist.

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