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Aspiring solicitor? Apply to the Law Society’s Diversity Access Scheme to help fund your LPC/SQE

The Law Society’s scholarship programme has just opened for applications and will run until 16th April. Designed to give opportunities to those from less advantaged backgrounds, this will offer scholarships for completing the LPC or SQE as well as mentoring and work experience. 216 people applied last year, 33 were shortlisted and 16 candidates were funded. So it’s well worth a punt!

Candidates need to meet the following criteria:

You do not:

  • Have access to familial loans or financial gifts
  • Have more than £5000 in your savings account, current account, ISA or held elsewhere

You also need to be able to confirm two of the following statements:

  • You attended a non-fee paying school
  • You are part of the first generation of your family to attend higher education
  • You were eligible for free school meals whilst at school

If you do not meet this criteria there is also an exceptional circumstances section in the eligibility criteria that may assist you in applying. Have a look and see what this includes.

You can see last year’s report of the applications on the Law Society’s website, testimonials from those who secured scholarships as well as the guidance for this year.

We really encourage you to apply and let us know how you get on….

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