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Thinking of a career at the Family bar?

QEB invites you to a presentation about a City Law career with a difference – where you make the decisions, you organise your time and you can both generate and keep the substantial profits of your practice and, at the same time, work not for faceless corporations, but for individuals including entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals and celebrities.  It is about real people – where you can make a real difference. Here’s what they have to say…

Please join us for a presentation on a career at the family law bar: with interview advice from the people who might be interviewing you, provided by Queen Elizabeth Building. The presentation is on 25 November 2016 at 6:00pm at Inner Temple Drawing Room (with drinks and nibbles provided).

The financial rewards in this area are very good: our pupils are paid a pupillage award of £30,000 (of which the £15,000 paid in their first six months is tax-free).  After only six months, our pupils are conducting their own cases in Court (an experience you would get only after many years in magic circle solicitors’ firms, if at all) and receive their own earnings on top of their pupillage award.  Within two years our junior barristers can expect to earn £75,000 gross per annum.

This is an area of law which demands intellectual rigour in the world of international finance, where people are seeking to secure their financial future by an ever increasing number of sophisticated financial vehicles which the financial family lawyer needs to understand and be able to analyse, often in the context of international legal issues and cross-border jurisdictional disputes.  Often too, our work includes consideration of company and other asset valuations, trust and tax issues, and using experts in other disciplines (forensic accountants, tax advisers, property surveyors), but where the barrister “runs the team”.

familiesThe law in this area is ever-changing and fast-moving.  QEB lawyers do not generally rely on legal authorities which are decades or even over a century old, as some other areas of the law do.  More recent advances in the law include an increasing reliance on pre-nuptial agreements, and the financial consequences of the breakdown of civil partnerships.  We do not spend our lives sitting in libraries researching esoteric points of law and procedure. If you relish the cut and thrust of court argument, tough negotiation with other lawyers, and building a close relationship of trust with your own client, this is the area of law for you.

QEB is a leading Family Law set, specialising in financial work.  Our reputation is such that we are generally instructed on one side, and sometimes both sides, of the significant cases, making and changing the law.  Former Members of Chambers include many High Court Judges and a current Justice of the Supreme Court, Lord Wilson of Culworth.

We are looking for individuals with drive and ambition, who want to determine their own professional future on the basis of their own ability and talents.  Lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome.

If you think you might be interested, do please join us for a presentation and Q&A session, and find out for yourself.

Lewis Marks QC (QEB)

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