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Commonwealth Moot 2015 report – Joanne Moss

Junior Counsel of winning team Canada, addressing the judges

Junior Counsel of winning team Canada, addressing the judges

The Commonwealth Moot 2015 held in Glasgow in April was won by Canada, after a close and hard-fought battle in the Finals against Australia. Two City Law School students, Matthew Sellwood and Daniele Selmi won this competition in Cape Town, the last time the Commonwealth Moot took place two years ago [read Matthew and Daniele’s account of the thrilling final]. We extend our congratulations to this year’s outstanding winners, and commend the high standards and enthusiasm displayed by all participants during the chase for victory.

The semi-finals also featured strong performances from South Africa (beaten by Canada), and from India (beaten by Australia)

For all the competitors, each personal performance was something worked for and practised for many hours and over months of effort.

The excitement on the opening day of the moot was palpable as each team of national champions first encountered their opposition. The participating students from all countries made a great impression on their judges.

We take the opportunity to record our thanks to Patricia McKellar of the University of London International Programmes, whose tireless work and enthusiasm made everything come together for this rewarding competition.

Thanks to Joanne Moss, Lecturer and Moot Director, for this report.

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