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Two Human Rights events

Credit: Wasfi Akab

Credit: Wasfi Akab

Two fantastic human rights events are coming up in May so get and book a place – have a night off from revision!

First on the 8th May is Human Rights: Beneath the Headlines. The British Institute of Human Rights brings together 3 fantastic speakers:

– Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog supremo, as well as City Law School alumnus (1 Crown Office Row)
– Emma Jones (Leigh Day solicitors)
– Sanchita Hosali Deputy Director of BIHR

They will explore the big issues which continue to feature in media reports. Audience members will be encouraged to submit media reports and related questions before the event, and panellists will address these during the event.

Then Baroness Helena Kennedy QC will be speaking at the inaugural Media Standards Trust and King’s Policy Institute Media and Public Policy Lecture: Inhuman rights: is The Sun right about the Human Rights Act?. Baroness Kennedy will look at the criticism from the UK Press in relation to Human Rights and assess whether criticisms of specific cases hold any water.

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