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Pupillage Events Coming up

There are lots of sessions coming up in the next two months to help with securing pupillage:

Monday 10th March – ‘Completing Gateway Form’ (12.00-1.30 with Keith in LT/AB)

Friday 14th March – second version of the above optional lecture (12.00-1.30 with Keith in LT/AB)

Wednesday 19th March – Panel event ‘How to stand out in Gateway Forms’ (in common room 6.00-7.30pm)

Monday 24th March – Martin Sagoo lecture (6.00-7.00pm)

Wednesday 30th April – ‘Being successful in Pupillage Interviews’ (6.00-7.30 in LT/AB with Keith)

Thursday 1st May = second version of above at 10.30-12.00 in LT/AB.

Wednesday 7th May – Panel event ‘How to stand out in interviews’ (Lecture Theatre at 6-7.30)

Wednesday 15th May – ‘Answering Legal Questions in Interview’ (6.00-7.30 in LT/AB with Stuart).

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