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Sshhhhh’ed for once! – Emily Allbon

Newsflash: Librarian silenced! Credit: uochi

I was very excited to be honoured with the title ‘Law Librarian of the Year 2012’ in the annual BIALL/Wildy Awards on June 15th. Thankfully I wasn’t required to make a speech, which meant the audience was denied any kind of Gwyneth Paltrow sobfest from me, but I would just like to say a few things about the award nonetheless.

Many thanks to those at the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians for selecting me; since becoming a law librarian in 2000 I have been involved in the organisation, and my enthusiasm for my profession has certainly been fired up by other BIALL members and the great selection of activities arranged by the BIALL committees. It’s such a supportive network. Thanks also to Wildy & Sons for sponsoring the awards – hoping to do an interview with the MD John Sinkins later in the summer about his family’s 100+ years selling law books.

The other big thank you’s need to go to The City Law School for always believing in my ideas [Lawbore?? What kind of name is that?? Are you crazy woman??] and giving me the freedom to get on with it, and of course the fantastic students. It’s been great working with students on all programmes to create resources, and also for the very encouraging feedback given about the site over the years. So many have given up their precious time to write articles, be filmed, share their views, review events…

Read the press release of the award on City Law School News.

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