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Happy New Year!

Where did the end of 2010 go? I got totally bogged down in November/December with teaching and marking and the blog suffered slightly, so back to business now in 2011 with lots of interesting content to come on Future Lawyer.

Here are a few random law careers-related links from the end of 2010 worth following up if you missed them first time around:

UK legal bloggers – from the blog of In-House Lawyer, Melanie Hatton, this provides a listing of key bloggers you need to keep an eye on (think of that current awareness you need to show..)

Think about your online reputation – this piece details things to keep in mind when posting your personal info online via Twitter or Facebook.

Leading law blogger Charon QC produces fabulous podcasts – everyone who is anyone wants to get featured in one of these! Recent masterpieces have included Professor Gary Slapper on the reform of legal education and Mark Stephens, Julian Assange’s lawyer on the arrest and wikileaks. In general Charon QC’s blog is a great way to keep up to date with all the law news and comment on a daily basis as he reviews content from blogs and other online media. He has his own blawg review for 2010 too.

Finally a quick one from today: Ashley Connick (PG student at College of Law) writes in Legal Week about why law students decide working ‘in the City’ is for them. Ashley has a pretty good blog too.

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