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Interested in working in International Criminal Law?

Gill Higgins is a founder member of the International Criminal Law Bureau, a group of highly experienced lawyers who both practice and advise on all areas of international criminal law, acting for their clients in the International Criminal Tribunals. The ICLB has a great blog, with very regular updates on international cases.

Gill wrote a piece for The Times a few years ago about her chosen specialism, click here to find out how she got interested in the area and the challenges those practising in this field face.

Drop any questions you have for Gill in the comments below…

  1. Hi Gill

    I was wondering if you can advise me on wheter there are career oppurtunities available in London for international criminal law specifically for someone from African origin? I am a Namibian and South African candidate attorney with a LLM in international criminal law.

    Thank You

    Kind Regards

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