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Pupillage Advisory Service announce 3 remaining events for 2015

How to perform your best in pupillage interviews

Harvard research has found that in the 5 seconds of meeting someone a first impression is made. Learn how to manage your nerves and make a good first impression and follow through to perform well in Interview. David Gilchirst our PAS team Neuro Linguistic Programing coach – will share with you some performance secrets.

When: 5-6pm on 24th November

Where: City Law School, 13 Princeton Street

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How to answer competency based interview questions

The Bar Council now trains all Pupillage Committees on conducting Interviews using Competency Based Questions. This means you need to ‘show not tell’ in interview using the STAR tecnique. This STAR tecnique is decribed as situation – task – action – result. This workshop will help you to learn and understand the tecnique in the context of an Interview situation. The same type of competency based questioning is used for silk and judicial interivews. IT is helpful to understand the technique.

When: 10.30-12 on 3rd December

Where: City Law School, 13 Princeton Street

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How to answer the legal questions in interview

Professor Stuart Sime will deliver this lecture on How to Answer the Legal Questions in Interview. This is a public lecture and open to all. Professor Sime will give you a frame work on how to approach and answer the legal questions in a pupillage interview. Suitable for all law students interested in or applying for Pupillage.

Please do not wait until you have an interview to start preparing. These lectures will prepare you for you up and coming interviews.

When: 6-7.30pm on 7th December

Where: City Law School, Atkin Building

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