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Interning at a Kosovan Ministry – Nora Deshishku

Article by Nora Deshishku

I am an LLB Law student, now in the beginning of my penultimate year. I usually have a list where I write down everything I want to have in my life, and finding the perfect job is one of them. In order to achieve the goals I am aiming for, it is important for me to pursue different opportunities that I can grasp, and that is exactly what I was trying to accomplish this summer.

Since internships for first years are rare and hard to find in London, I decided to have a look in my hometown, Pristina, Kosovo. And fortunately, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports were searching for interns for the legal department. My internship started in June. It was very hard at the beginning to get used to the idea of having an office, (not in a bad way, I was very excited).

In the first week the main thing in my itinerary, was to get used to the faces, learn where the legal documents, copies, etc. need to go and who needs to sign them. It was a huge building so I had a lot to learn.

This at times was a job that kept you on your toes! There were moments when you thought you are done with some assignments and another pile of documents were put on your table. And I didn’t mind that at all. But it mostly was a laid-back environment.

I was an intern for the division of law enforcement; my job was mostly to make contracts, write-up decisions, proposals and materials requested by the General Secretary and the Minister. After the decisions were made I had to send them to the General Secretary or the Minister so they could sign them. When that was done, the paperwork would go to the archive where it would be stamped with a protocol number, and after that the documents would be given to the allocated people.


I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with a lot of people, have met remarkable people who will certainly influence me in my future career.

All in all, it was an amazing summer but now Tort, EU, Land and Equity awaits, 2nd year is going to be harder than the year I left behind, but it will hopefully be worth it.

Thanks to Nora Deshishku, LLB2 student at the City Law School for this fantastic piece.

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