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Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Moot – Douglas James

A City team of Zak Kell and myself took part in the Inner Temple IV moot on Sunday 2nd February. The problem was, as usual, on a topic we had yet to encounter on the GDL course. It was all about positive covenants. Do they ‘run’ with land? Can they bind successors in title? Are equitable remedies available to enforce them? Alas, we still don’t know.

But we argued either way and got to the quarter-finals. There we encountered two more City folk in Alex Harding and George Harnett, representing Lincoln’s Inn. Those being generous to Zak and me might concede that we did not have the law on our side, but Alex and George mooted masterfully as respondent’s counsel to dispose of our attempts to worm around previous House of Lords authority.

Indeed, masterful they must have been because Alex and George duly went on to take the crown! Congratulations to them! Crown is almost apt, too: the trophy was a majestic work of gold and silver, a gift of the King of Bhutan (an honorary Bencher). Alex’s and George’s names will go up on a roster in Inner Temple hall, next to a case containing the statue. Both will be well worth a quick peek.

PS Our thanks to Emily for arranging, and to Elliot Schatzberger for giving up a Sunday to be a judge.

Thanks to Douglas James, a GDL student at The City Law School.

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