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GDL Moot Final at The UK Supreme Court – Emily Allbon

The finalists (L-R: Howard, Daniel I, Daniel B & Louis) with The Right Hon the Lord Mance

An extremely competitive 4 rounds of mooting (with 96 students entering this year) was brought to an end on Monday 22nd April with our four finalists battling it out in front of Lord Mance, Justice of the Supreme Court.

Lord Mance judged The City Law School GDL Moot for the fourth year in a row and in announcing the winner, made it clear how astonished he was once again by the quality before him, from individuals who have only been studying law for 6-7 months.

Finalists were:

Daniel Black
Daniel Isenberg
Howard Leithead
Louis Zvesper

The topic of the moot this year was judicial review; concerning the closure of a local care home as a result of the increased spending of a local council on a new sewer system.

Our four mooters performed extremely well and Lord Mance declared Daniel Isenberg the winner, with Daniel Black in second place. Many thanks to everyone who competed in the competition this year. Hope to see some of you back next year as judges!

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