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Law’s new home is taking shape! – Emily Allbon

I didn’t touch anything don’t worry!

Christmas this year for me will be a time of mild panic; making sure that the 900+ shelves of legal materials are into the new Law School building and find their rightful place AND that we are ready to welcome you all on the 14th January 2013 (cue drumroll…).

I’ve had a few snoops around the space which is starting to take shape. The ground floor features a large informal student space where you can get together to talk about your work, plan or organism stuff on comfy seating. There will be computers and spaces for working on your laptop too.

Floors 1 and 2 will be the library where you’ll find individual carrel-style seating, all our collections back together again for the first time since Easter, a large computer lab and group study room.

Top floor will house the majority of law academic staff.

The entrance to the new Law building will be a shared one between us and Social Sciences. We’ll get the use of their coffee shop too!

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