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The lost footage – rediscovered! – Emily Allbon

Hidden treasure. Credit:Keith Bloomfield

Back in 2010 I persuaded a selection of our lovely students and alumni to do a series of video interviews.

Alas disaster struck when the cameraman went majorly AWOL during editing and the footage seemed lost to Lawbore forever:-( However they have been miraculously uncovered so we’ll be featuring a new one each week for the coming few months.

Big apologies to the kind-hearted students/alumni who gave their time for this, only for it to vanish. Thankfully no-one has a terrible haircut they should be embarrassed about now.

Future subjects include a trainee at PriceWaterHouseCoopers Legal, a commissioning editor at a legal publishers, an IP agent, a government legal service lawyer and a solicitor at a global shipping firm.

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