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Law and Business: the perfect match? – Alexander E. Debare

Author Alexander

After completing my LLB at City University Law School – I decided that I was ready, willing and able to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. I therefore enrolled and completed my MSc Management degree at Cass Business School for what I like to think as a crash course in how to run a business.

Crucial to any business is that you are aware of the laws which affect your business, as well as how you are contractually protected when you enter into business transactions. So far in my experience of running my own business, the two sides of law which are the most crucial are contract and company and I suggest anyone who is looking to be involved in the business world should learn these two disciplines rigorously.

I use the skills which I inherited from my law degree on a regular basis. The crucial skill which you learn doing your LLB degree is to be clear and concise with your thoughts and to be able to easily persuade a reader of your argument.

This crucial skill aids you in marketing as you are able to frame the key points of your product or promotional material in a convincing way. On a day to day basis it allows you to compose well structured emails to business associates and clients, ensuring you sound well-educated and that you know exactly what you are talking about.

I have now started a company with a friend of mine which is based in The Republic of Benin and Nigeria. We are focused on offering products to the African market which are more cost effective and efficient.

Probably the most difficult part of running your own business is that you don’t have someone above you pushing you to do any certain piece of work – you have to motivate yourself every day. However there is something extremely rewarding about knowing that every inch of effort that you exert is for you and not a huge corporation where you are just a number.

As my mother and father are both entrepreneurs I knew it was in my blood. However it wasn’t until around the second year of my LLB that I was presented with the idea which I have now taken to market and is the backbone product of my company. I believe that it was a combination of things which led to me placing myself in the position I am in. In life if you want something – you will attract it.

I approached life from an early age with an entrepreneurial mind set. Initially I wanted to be a pilot for wealthy business men. Then one day I thought to myself – why be a pilot for wealthy business men if you could be the businessman yourself and buy your own plane !

This sort of mentality has been ingrained in me and was consistent when I decided to be a lawyer. I worked for several firms including what used to be considered Richard’s Butler(now Reed Smith) and Denton Wilde (now SNR Denton) and I knew that although the skills needed to be a laywer are important in everything which revolves around business, that I was a person more inclined to enter the business world than that of a lawyer.

I believe that the combination of a law degree as well as a management degree is perfect for any person looking to enter the business world, as the two disciplines go hand in hand. The ability to write and think clearly and concisely, coupled with business acumen, allow for a formidable force and I would not change the decisions which I made with regards to my educational path.

Alexander completed his LLB at City, followed by MSc Management at Cass Business School in 2010 and now runs own company with two others, as Executive Director and Shareholder. Prior to this he completed internships in Abu Dhabi and Paris.

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