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Interview with Nick Oakeshott

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Nick Oakeshott completed his GDL at City in 1996, and now works as a barrister at Asylum Aid. Nick tells us about his passion for human rights and details his path to Asylum Aid, previously working for Refugee and Migrant Justice. At Asylum Aid he works as Casework Manager – a massive role which on top of the very demanding casework, he is involved with high level policy engagement with the UK Border Agency and lobbying government policy.

If you’re interested in working within human rights Nick’s interview will answer a lot of your questions, passing on a detailed view of what his job involves, what kind of skills and experience you’ll need and the challenges you’re up against.

You can tell the offices of Asylum Aid are at Highbury Corner by the number of sirens!

Nick is speaking at City on Thursday 3rd December – see details of the event here.

  1. interesting piece.

    are ther any plans on an article or video from a recent graduate who went into training contract/pupillage?

    making apps now = very difficult,.

    thanking you

  2. Thanks for your comment Adrian, I do have a few things coming up esp re training contract applications. Will see if I can push them through a bit quicker! Watch this space.

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