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The Gavel has arrived! – Emily Allbon

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The inaugural edition of the City University Students’ Union Law Society’s magazine The Gavel has been published. Editor-in-Chief Jordan Shay explains its beginnings: “This publication was conceived with the belief that students should have access to a medium of sharing academic work that circumvents a curriculum or grading rubric”.

Board of Editors includes:

Jordan Shay (Editor -in-Chief)
Mattia Banassi and Kamran Zaheer (Managing Editors)
Patrick Smith, Omar Joseph, Greg Weedon and Cody Moskovitz (Editors)
Justin Wong, Musawwar Alam, Nivetha Yogonathan, Eshver Singh, Nimra Ehsan, Veera Thakral and Tahsin Cashmawala (Committee Members)

All articles have been written by students at The City Law School and cover topical issues like squatters rights and regulation of online social media. Full article listing as follows:

Christopher Vallis – Marital Coercion: Obsolete in the 21st Century?
Eshver Soor – Sexual Assault in the Military: Why is the Law So Ineffective?
Myles Kaufman – Squatters and Finders: An examination of possession in English Property Law
Jack Schiffer and Miranda Meades – M & A in Germany for Anglo-Saxons
Mattia Benassi – “Une petition est un poeme, et un poeme est une petition”: Why the USA is no Country of ‘Poets’
Shrene Shergill – Regulating the Phenomenon of Online Social Media
Hayley Silvertown – A Law Degree with Nowhere to go
Nimra Ehsan – Miscarriages of Justice
Nivestha Yoganathan – The Diversity of the Judiciary

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